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Improving your capability to enjoy life through movement and strength.

We follow a 3 step process that will promote mobility, strengthen joints and connective tissue, and finally strengthen muscle tissue to build stability throughout the entire body. From there you will have the ability to tackle anything life throws your way!

Group Classes

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

1-1 Training

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.

Body Tempering

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Featured Classes

A 45 minute sweat session, designed for folks of all abilities and backgrounds.

KB Complex
A 45 minute class where we build each individual movement of a specific kettlebell complex for that day, then put all the pieces together for a great combo to build strength AND get the heart rate up.

This is a 45 minute class or online session dedicated to the mobilization and strengthening of joints and connective tissue. Using principles from Functional Range Conditioning, we use this class to build the scaffolding of the body. This can also be a 1 on 1 session.

Body Tempering
Only a 1-1 session, this is when we use Tempering devices to accomplish IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation). 30 minute sessions are perfect for a quick recovery session for the whole body or for those that would only like to target 1-2 specific areas. 60 minute sessions are designed for your first time tempering, or for those that need special attention in multiple areas. We can also combine elements of body tempering AND our MVMT class into 1 session for soft tissue mobilization and joint movement all in one.



As an athlete growing up, I naturally gravitated toward the gym, and strength training in particular. After graduating college, I moved to New York City to pursue personal training, thinking it was going to be a temporary situation. However, after 2 years working in a commercial gym, I realized I had an opportunity to turn this passion into a career. After leaving the commercial scene, I spent 4 years navigating Manhattan as a private trainer, while at the same time, opening a training facility in New Rochelle, New York.

In 2018, my wife and I made the hard decision to test the waters outside of New York state, and moved down to North Carolina, where I would spend the next 3 years planning and building the foundation of  Black Label Strength Project. A small private personal training studio, focusing around strength training, mobility and taking a more well rounded approach to fitness and wellness. It is here where I hope to expand Black Label Strength into a space where we can promote a well balanced approach to fitness and well being that will be beneficial for everyone.

Nick Schoonmaker
Certified Personal Trainer
Exercise Nutrition
FRCms (functional range conditioning mobility specialist)
FRAs (functional range assessment specialist)
FRSC (functional range strength coach)
SFG (StrongFirst Kettlebell)
BT-C (Body Tempering certified instructor/practitioner)
CrossFit L2 (powerlifting, oly weightlifting, strongman)


Black Label Strength Project has changed my entire outlook on fitness. The focus on lasting changes and health instead of “quick fixes” encourages a long lasting mindset shift when it comes to fitness. I’ve never been stronger and never felt better about my fitness plan.


One of the best parts about the body tempering session was the immediate effect it had on removing soreness. But the most amazing benefit was realized over the next two days of playing volleyball. I was able to reach higher overhead and I gained power on my jumps and swings. Normally, back to back days of both volleyball and functional fitness would lead to mornings of aches and pains, but I felt little to none. My legs, feet, back, and shoulders felt awesome. I definitely see the benefits of introducing body tempering to my normal training routine.


Black Label Strength Project isn't just a gym. It's a community. Nick and his team have helped me achieved my wellness goals through strength training and kettlebell classes in a fun, safe, and non-judgmental environment. It's the best fitness studio in the Cary, Apex and Holly Springs area.